Caring for the environment has never been so stylish as with our recyclable and disposable baking pans. Whether you’re heading to a potluck, looking for the perfect way to share those leftovers or caring for a sick friend, Simply Baked’s foil pans are just what you need. Our pans are made in the USA, oven-safe and come in 3 convenient sizes with corresponding and elegant designs. You can choose from our large, medium or round pan or collect all three for a delicious and exciting display. And with our fun colors and coordinating designs, you’re sure to leave an impression.

A must have for those catering supplies as well, our signature foil pans are not only great for baking but also for warming meals and, better yet, sending them home with your guests! And just in case you forgot which lasagna went where, there’s space on the top to label your meal, include baking instructions or simply send a special note. Use Simply Baked’s disposable aluminum pans and your food won’t be the only thing making a statement!