Paper Baking Pans

  • Small Tart Pan

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    These sweet tarts will soon be your go-to for your favorite desserts, dips or heated confections. Our smaller size allows for the perfect personal-sized dessert – and don’t worry, they’re freezer-safe so you can save the rest for later!

    6 per package | 72 per case | Holds 8 OZ | 1 1/8″ height | 4 3/4″ base | Pre-greased | FDA-Approved | Oven & Freezer Safe

  • Loaf Pan – Standard
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    New Size! Baking bread is now as easy as it is pretty. Our standard sized loaf pan comes pre-greased and oven-safe. With this paper baking pan, you simply prep, bake, and enjoy.
    1 3/4″ height | 2 1/2″ width | 6 3/4″ length 



Bask in the Beauty & Simplicity of Baking in our Collection of Non-Stick Paper Baking Pans

There are several reasons to bake at home. For one thing, you choose your ingredients, often times making your baked good a healthier option than store bought items. Baking can also be therapeutic, taking the tensions of a tough day away by whisking and kneading. Whatever your motivation, Simply Baked makes it as easy as possible with their line of non-stick paper baking pans.

Our various sizes of loaf pans, tart pans and tube pans allow you to bake anything from a large bundt cake to a mini quiche. Freshly baked bread has never looked so good in our adorably designed loaf pan and our individual size mini tart pan makes the perfect sweet gift.

Simply follow your recipe as you normally would. No grease necessary, as all of our baking pans are non-stick. And because we have payed special attention to the design of our paper baking pans, you can feel confident serving your creation straight out of the oven. Once you and your company have delighted in your efforts, feel at ease because our collection of baking pans are recyclable. Cut down on your dishes and environmental footprint with Simply Baked’s line of paper baking pans!