Paper Baking Cups

Simply Baked’s Paper Baking Cups…Great For Your Everyday Baker & Caterers Alike!

What began with our charming paper baking cup has now blossomed into a line of baking cups with four different sizes and numerous designs & colors. Not only do our paper baking cups come in adorable designs and countless colors, they also make for a clean and simple baking experience. How you ask…

Our baking cups are oven safe up to 375 and come with a non-stick coating, no pre-greasing necessary. Simply fill any of our baking cups half way with your favorite cupcake or muffin recipe and evenly place on a cookie sheet (throw out those old muffin tins). Enjoy by tearing the paper away or better yet, try one of our small wooden spoons and dive in.

The best part…our paper baking cups are recyclable! Not to mention, you can do more than just bake in them. Serve appetizers or salads in our jumbo baking cups for your next party or event. Place nuts and olives in our small baking cups and add to a beautiful charcuterie plate. For a charming gift, plant a cute succulent or starter seed in one of our large baking cups. So many uses…see our gallery for even more inspiration.