About Us

Large Paper Baking Cups   

At simply baked, we know that providing for your guests is your main priority, and doing it with ease and style is ours.  Whether serving up some inspired cupcakes, gifting breads and cakes with our paper baking pans or adding that special message to your creation, you’ll find our unique baking line to be your path to elegant entertaining everyday!

We have everything necessary to create the perfect occasion; grand or intimate.  Cupcakes have never been so adorable.  Breads, cakes and tarts have never traveled in such style and our new line of cupcake toppers and accessories add that perfect amount of whimsy to your table. 

You’ll fall in love with our coordinating and stylish colors, designs and sizes.  And with the Wood Silverwareversatility that our line provides, your baking ideas are limitless. Your guests will marvel as you transform your baking cups, loaf pans and tart pans into gorgeous displays of veggies and dip, enchiladas or even a sweet flower arrangement.  Of course to simplify your world, our oven and freezer safe products are eco-friendly and there’s no need to pull out the cooking spray or use the dishwasher – you’re covered with our pre-greased and disposable products.